“Selfie Dad” Becomes Internet-Famous For Mocking Daughter’s 'Sexy' Photos

1. Like Daughter Like Father

If your father is host of Lilac City Comicon costume contest, comedian and costume maker Burr Martin, you may have to think twice before posting your selfies. Because here is what he does next.

2. Aww

Those lovely stomachs of theirs!

3. Honestly

I can't decide who´s sexier in these pics.

4. Two Peas

A cute, skinny, young one, and dad.

5. So Sweet

Fortunately, she doesn't have a beard.

6. Pout

You'll have to practice that pout, dad. You got the eyeliner right, though.

7. Hilarious

This dad is hilarious. But I'm not quite sure his daugher agrees to that.