15+ Ways To Recycle Your Old Furniture Into A Fairytale Garden.

Just because a piece of furniture has outlived its use in your home doesn't mean it's no longer useful! With the right attitude and a mind for DIY projects and recycling, old pieces of furniture can find a second life as beautiful garden decorations!

1. Piano Garden

Piano Garden

2. Bed Garden

Bed Garden

3. Cello Garden

Cello Garden

4. Dresser Garden

Dresser Garden

5. Succulent Garden On A Chair

Succulent Garden On A Chair

6. Bed Garden

Bed Garden

7. Magical Bed Garden

Magical Bed Garden

8. Typewriter Garden

Typewriter Garden

9. Tub Garden

Tub Garden

10. Bathtub Garden

Bathtub Garden

11. Shopping Cart Garden

Shopping Cart Garden

12. Dining Table Garden

Dining Table Garden

13. Dresser Garden

Dresser Garden

14. Bed Garden

Bed Garden

15. Sofa Garden

Sofa Garden