People Said She Couldn't Do It, But Her Transformation Zipped Their Mouth


1. Skinny

'Skinny' Abby Pollock transformed herself completely, and became a famous bodybuilder.

2. Unlike Most Of Us...

Abby had a weight problem, but unlike most of us, her problem was that she was too thin.

3. A Vegan

Her body had no shape, and it didn't matter how much she ate. She was a vegan, and it didn't work our for her.

4. ...


5. New Diet And Workout

She started working out, and changed her diet.

6. Competing

And she didn't stop. She worked so hard she began to participate in bodybuilding competitions.

7. Healthier

She even won one of them! She feels much better and healthier.

8. What A Bod!

She doesn't participate in bodybuilding competitions anymore, but she keeps her diet and workout regime. She's very active on social media and gives tips on how to become healthier and stronger.