Choose One Spooky Pokemon And We'll Tell You What You're Most Afraid Of!

Because fear's a lot easier to deal with when it's a pocket-sized monster!

Which do you choose?

Which do you choose?

Choose One Spooky Pokemon And We'll Tell You What You're Most Afraid Of!

  1. You got: You're Most Afraid of: Weakness

    Golbat, here, is a big, intimidating monster - isn't he? A gigantic, fierce bat with piercing eyes and fangs. You are drawn to this display of power & strength. You fear being WEAK the most - and honestly despise weakness in others, even if you don't know it yet. You are independent, strong-willed, and are truly terrified of your independence being taken away from you. So don't let it be!
  2. You got: You're Most Afraid Of: Darkness

    A common subject of fear is the dark - but you truly fear the darkness itself. Not necessarily a dark space - but being confined within darkness... Nothingness... truly terrifies you. This signifies a lack of control or power for you, sparking your fear of "the void". Take comfort, however, that you are a force of light in the lives of those around you for this very reason.
  3. You got: You're Most Afraid of: Violence

    This may seem obvious, but your worst fear is violence. You loathe confrontation, but when it escalates to true violence is where you draw the line. There are so many other ways to solve problems, and you always seek decorum. Violence is, in many ways, the most terrifying thing humans are capable of - and you know this.
  4. You got: You're Most Afraid Of: Commitment

    Do you struggle in relationships, even when they're going well? Sound familiar? It's because your true fear is of commitment. Commitment makes you feel confined, trapped, and like a prisoner to someone else's whim. No thank you! Take heed, though, as this is a big sign of an adventurous soul.
  5. You got: You're Most Afraid Of: The Afterlife

    Everyone fears death to some degree, but your true fear is not death itself - but the afterlife, or lack thereof. The pure UNKNOWN of it all is enough to terrify anyone, but is something you've spent many waking hours pondering. Take comfort, however, as you are in good company - this is a huge sign of intelligence!
  6. You got: You're Most Afraid Of: Your Own Appearance

    Most of us loathe the thought of being undesirable or ugly - but it truly scares you. You're constantly keeping up with your own appearance, and honestly this is not a bad thing in any way. Looking your best may feel as if it haunts you sometimes - but it pays off! You only live once, and first impressions are everything. Good thing your fear serves as a motivator!
  7. You got: You're Most Afraid Of: Being & Feeling Ignorant

    Wisdom is all consuming, as is the quest for knowledge - something you've devoted yourself to whether you know it or not. Because of this, your absolute worst fear is being perceived as - or actually BEING - ignorant. Stupidity is something you have zero tolerance for, and despise the thought of it ever being a part of who you are.
  8. You got: You're Most Afraid Of: Being Alone

    Loneliness can be crippling, and it is your worst fear. Your gravitating toward the loyal and companion-like Umbreon, however, signifies that you have and admire these same qualities. You are not alone because of this, and so long as you try to be the best version of yourself you'll never be.