How well do you know your vocab? Are you a genius? Can you match these words to their subject field?

Only Geniuses Can Match These Obscure Terms To Their Subject Field

  1. You got: 100% Genius
    You are a true genius; there is no doubt about it. If there were ever a game of Trivia Pursuit, you would win easily. You love to read and study, and this is what proves you are an utter genius! Share your results and show the world your genius skills!
  2. You got: 20% Genius
    You are a slight genius but you could study a little bit more. Most of these words baffled you and you don’t really know many words that aren’t related to your industry or field of work. That doesn’t mean you are not a genius in other subjects but your lack of broad vocab proves you did not score flying colors in this quiz. Keep studying hard and try again! What do you think?