Only True Language Geniuses Will Pass This Grammar Police Test!

This grammar police test is not easy! Only true language geniuses can handle the difficulty... can you?

Only True Language Geniuses Will Pass This Grammar Police Test!

  1. You got: You are a TRUE grammar master!!

    You are a TRUE grammar master!!After completing this tricky language test, you shall gallop forward upon a noble grammar steed with abundant confidence in your understanding of American English! You cringe every time you see someone misuse they're, their, or there! You are surely a Grammar Master and people will think twice before they use grammatical errors around you so they don't land up in the grammatical slammer!!
  2. You got: You are a potential language genius!

    Unbelievable effort!! You definitely have the potential to be a language genius!!Your abundant knowledge is greatly are a few plurals away from becoming a true grammar sheriff!! Your innate intelligence is applied dutifully and naturally to such concepts as predicates, complements, objects, spelling words correctly and/or using them in proper context! Keep practicing you English grammar and you will be a grammar master in no time!!
  3. You got: You could land up in the grammar slammer!

    Oh no!! Looks like you are a few mistakes away from being locked away in grammar jail!! You better run quickly, because the Grammar-police is on your tail! Better hit those English books!! You can do it!