How much of a one-hit wonder fan are you? Complete these famous lines.

Prove You Are A Musical Genius And Ace This One Hit Wonder Quiz

  1. You got: Gangham Style!
    Congratulations you just swept the floor gangham style. You can remember how to dance Mambo Number 5, how to call the shots with Vanilla Ice, cheer on Eileen and get knocked down but get up again. You are a true music mogul!
  2. You got: Ice Cool Baby!
    Well done! You are ice cool just like vanilla ice. You know most of your one hit wonders but you might need to listen to a few more to score 100% on this quiz!
  3. You got: Torn!
    Just like Natalie Umbruglia, you are torn and didn't ace this one hit wonder quiz. You can rememeber a few famous favorite number one hits and dance the Macarena but you can't get much further than that.