Color and psychology merge together to reveal what your TRUE outlook on life is...

This Unique Color Test Reveals A Persons Dominant Outlook On Life!

  1. You got: You have a lighthearted outlook!
    You are often described as relaxed and chilled. You go with the flow and you never let the small things in life weigh you down. People can always count on you to be cheerful and fun to be around. Sure, you've been through tough things in life, just like everyone else. But you prefer to focus on all the good and beautiful things around you.
  2. You got: You have an optimistic outlook!
    The sun is always shining and the glass is always half full. You prefer to see life as bright, happy, and full of potential. You don't understand people who are always gloomy and create issues when none exist. The world is a much better place if you choose to see the brighter side of life. Smile, take it one day at a time, things will turn out OK. Right?
  3. You got: You have a thoughtful outlook!
    You see the world a little differently than most people. You tend to consider things carefully before speaking, or forming an opinion. You are a critical and methodical thinker, and that guides you in all facets of your life. You calmly deliberate before making any big moves. People can rely on you to provide a thoughtful and astute perspective on any question or dilemma.
  4. You got: You have a passionate outlook!
    Your fervor, excitement, and enthusiasm are immediately apparent when you interact with the world. You have strong emotional reactions to everything you do and are involved in, and you have no trouble voicing your opinions. You throw yourself into everything you believe in. Sometimes you can get overwhelmed by the many things you care about, but you believe that it is vital to live your life with passion and meaning.