Which Thanksgiving TV Special Should You Watch Based On Your Food Tastes?

And - spoiler alert - none of these are Friends episodes!

Which Thanksgiving TV Special Should You Watch Based On Your Food Tastes?

  1. You got: Full House: The Miracle of Thanksgiving

    Welcome to early Full House episodes: land of the feels. This ep in particular is struggling with the ideas of how to do (and successfully get through) holiday planning after the loss of a loved one. Sure, there will be some laugh-track-worthy moments, but be prepared for the musical cues that illustrate a lesson is about to be learned.
  2. You got: Boy Meets World: Turkey Day

    Ah yes, the joint-family Thanksgiving. This one gets a little bit tricky when it comes to sending home a message, as there is a bit of a social class kind of scenario happening here. Like many episodes of Boy Meets World, it may surprise you when you come away a bit smarter than when you started watching it. That being said, anything that involves winning a turkey has to be some good TV.
  3. You got: Gilmore Girls: A Deep Fried Korean Thanksgiving

    If there's one thing (among many) that the Gilmore girls are good at, it's eating. And an episode that involves four Thanksgiving dinners, of varying fanciness and happiness levels, is the epitome of what the Gilmores have been training for. There's drama, drunkenness, a hint of romance, and of course, more meals than anyone who isn't a Gilmore knows what to do with.
  4. You got: The Simpsons: Bart vs. Thanksgiving

    The general plot: Bart does something stupid and runs away. The details: it involves a centerpiece, a fire, running away from home, being seen on the news and the realization that even when you screw up, your family still loves you and, odds are, still very much wants you around, especially on a holiday.
  5. You got: Kenan & Kel: Turkey Day

    Kenan invites Kel over for Thanksgiving, and oh the shenanigans! As it can happen on the grandest of all eating holidays, sometimes the spirit can overtake you and you find yourself eating an insane amount of food. However, Kel goes a bit overboard and eats an entire turkey while Kenan's parents are out, creating an awfully big problem to solve.
  6. You got: Gossip Girl: Blair Waldorf Must Pie!

    Flashbacks and drama come together as one to create a somehow absurd and yet deep episode of Gossip Girl. There is a trigger warning on this one for an eating disorder, but it is a surprisingly well-developed episode discussing how stress and drama affect families, especially around the holidays. (And of course, there's insane fashion and fancy things to look at throughout the episode.)